Rilassamento cutaneo: i consigli per rassodare

Skin sagging: tips for firming

Skin sagging is a physiological phenomenon mainly due to the progressive loss of collagen and elastin, which occurs over the years. 

In addition to the reduction of these two structural proteins, there are other possible causes related to the loss of skin tone, among them are:

  • unregulated lifestyle: smoking;
  • excessive alcohol consumption;
  • lack of rest and an unbalanced diet can compromise skin health and tone;
  • stress: high levels of stress cause an increase in cortisol, which can damage collagen;
  • weight loss or gain: sudden changes in weight, can affect the skin's reactive abilities; 
  • external agents: pollution and unprotected exposure to sunlight accelerate oxidative stress in the skin, causing it to age prematurely.



Five tips to give skin firmness and tone

1. Proper hydration
When the skin is dehydrated, it undergoes minor sagging that results in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of radiance and firmness.One of the easiest ways to keep the skin hydrated is to drink plenty of water, ideally at least 2 liters a day;

2. Exercise and Massage
Keeping moving is key: activities such as yoga and pilates can help tone muscles and improve skin elasticity.
In addition, massaging the areas most prone to loss of tone, such as the buttocks, thighs and hips, regularly helps improve blood circulation, reducing cellulite and toning muscles.
An excellent DIY treatment is alternating hot and cold water in the shower; cold water, in particular, closes pores and tightens skin;



3. Protection from UVA and UVB
Sun damage accounts for about 80% of skin aging, resulting in sagging skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
In fact, the sun's rays penetrate deep into the dermis, degrading elastin and collagen fibers, which is why the daily use of sunscreens is so important; 

4. Daily skincare to nourish the skin
In the daily beauty routine, it is essential to use products with effective ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and the natural turnover of the skin to keep it hydrated and healthy. For more mature skin: retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid and plant oils, with moisturizing and elasticizing properties, are key ingredients to give new skin tone.



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