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Perfect Firming and Lifting Face Duo

Perfect Firming and Lifting Face Duo

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Designed to meet the needs of skin characterised by loss of tone, with a smoothing, anti-wrinkle and firming action.



A concentrated anti-aging serum for the face that contributes to reducing and softening the most visible and deepest wrinkles on the face, with a natural lifting and smoothing action. Its formula contains two peptides that develop a muscle-relaxing and anti-wrinkle action for a "botox-like" effect. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Extralift face cream. Its formula helps combat wrinkles and expression lines, giving the facial skin firmness, elasticity and resistance for a lifting effect. It moisturizes and helps reshape facial contours.


Type of skin: mature
Specific need: loss of tone, improve firmness
Application: day, night

Gift: Beauty Bag by SkinLabo

An accessory with a refined and characterful design, thanks to the iconic tiffany colour and logoed jacquard lining. The interior, lined in satin fabric, features a handy card pocket with embossed logo. Equipped with a double golden metal zip, it is ideal both as a beauty case and as a clutch bag.

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